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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
1:55 am - sleep station: my last desire

look how the mouth seems to move
saying that these days would come back again
studying everything you do
finding out that i was wrong
now i'm thinking all along my heart's on fire
she said, "you're wrong
it wasn't me that you desire
it was a ghost that you once knew
i've come back again
and my heart is not with you."

look how my eyes seem to close
the mundane's growing old
there is so much you can tell
i feel that my heart begins to swell
and everyday that goes by
i can only wonder why
my last desire
is just to breathe
one last time while you are next to me
it's the last thing i was true
she said, "i'm happy now
there's no life for me and you."

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